Hemani Clay Matte Hair Wax In Pakistan

Hemani Clay Matte Hair Wax In Pakistan – bored with the use of hair gels and hair waxes that leave in the back of residue or a shine?Without problems style hair while presenting a flexible maintain.Hair dough men’s styling clay gives you a robust and flexible hold along with a matte finish you need to govern your hair to any hairstyle you preference. Apply it to lengthy hair or use it on shorter hair to rock the appearance you’ve always wanted.Herbal element is a clean skin & hair care variety solely for guys in particular formulated hair wax that protects and nourishes your hair, without difficulty style hair while providing a bendy hold specially formulated hair wax.

Hemani Clay Matte Hair Wax Uses

protects and nourishes your hair. Way to its all-day long preserve, it’s perfect for users that stay an lively life-style. Clearly observe some of it to your hand and run it via your hair to gain a sturdy yet pliable maintain with a natural matte finish that handiest hair dough’s guys’s styling fiber permit you to reap. We were too that is why we designed our hair styling wax paste to supply a shine-loose finish that doesn’t leave at the back of any residue or shine to provide you the matte appearance you want!.All day sturdy hold: hair dough styling clay is made using a carefully decided on combination of ingredients that come up with the strong hold your hair desires to will let you make thick, textured, and current hairstyles that maintain their appearance throughout the day even during sports and heavy perspiration.Shine-loose matte finish: Enhance texture & thickness




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