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Beaver Coconut Oil & Milk Shampoo


Brand Beaver
Item Form Shampoo
Quantity 350ml
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Beaver Coconut Oil & Milk Shampoo Available Online In Pakistan

Beaver Coconut Oil Shampoo Price In Pakistan super water-locking care, deepen the moisture, beautify the hair smooth silky texture, make hair directly silk gentle, displaying moisturizing vibrant. tough restore to bouncy and nourish. the extremely-rich moisturizer with coconut oil and aloe vera extract helps the hair get better its electricity. it ensures deep hair hydration as well as fine hair texture ensuing in clean hair, at the same time as the hair feels silky soft and visibly shinier. formulated with a great moisturizing mixture of coconut oil and aloe vera extracts, it cleanses the hair without drying and allows to clean and shield unruly hair.

wet hair, press a mild amount of shampoo, and mix with water. lightly massage into hair and lather. rinse with smooth water. follow with argan oil moisture repair conditioner. deliver ok moisture from internal out, enhance the hair at the identical time. continuous water lock care, restore damaged hair scales, and make stronger hair with moisturizing. description formulated with a super moisturizing aggregate of coconut oil and aloe, it effectively allows to clean and hydrate without weighing the hair down and promotes softer more healthy hair. amazing water-locking care.

Beaver Coconut Oil & Milk Shampoo Functions

  • Splendid water-locking care
  • Deepen the moisture
  • Beautify the hair smooth silky texture
  • Make hair straight silk gentle
  • Displaying moisturizing brilliant
  • Hard restore to bouncy and nourish

Beaver Coconut Oil Shampoo Price In Pakistan

Deeply moisturizes and closes moisture. Leaves hair silky clean, tender, and shiny! Deepening the moisture, decorating the hair’s clean silky texture,deep moisturizing liposomes offers young adults haired bodily energy extraction excessive in aggregate with digital extract at low temperatures. Moisturization strengthens and offers your hair elasticity. clean of energy. Rich in nutrients a, d, e, ok, f encyclopedia of hair power.

Interpretation of fact in a converting hair shade contains lauric acid and plenty of different repair components resistance to unfastened stuff and damage out of doors long termination color safety antioxidant formulation protects coloration and polishes deep moisturizing liposome gives teens haired bodily electricity extraction intense in mixture with digital extract at low temperatures. moisturizes strengthens and offers your hair elasticity.


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