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Beaver Fiber Hold Spray Price In Pakistan the fiber keep spray is a first-class mist particularly formulated to increase the bond among the keratin hair building fibers and your personal hair, ensuring longer-lasting outcomes. furthermore, obviously derived elements, like vitamin b5, melt and circumstance each the hair and the fibers optimally for a very natural look. Whilst the spray has dried, you could even brush your hair in a softer fashion even as the spray keeps its electricity. Beaver fibers preserve spray strengthens the bond between the organic hair fibers and thinning hair.

It intensifies the magnetic enchantment and assures that the fibers will stay in place under all conditions. It’s miles an excellent mist specially formulated to grow the bond between beaver keratin hair constructing fibers and thinning hairs. Obviously derived components soften and situation each hair and Fibers optimally for a completely herbal look. You may even brush after drying for a softer style with enough fiber-retaining power. The hairline optimizer is a specially designed accent to perfectly follow the hair fibers alongside the hairline.

Beaver Fiber Hold Spray

  • Strengthens the bond between the natural hair fibers & thinning hair
  • Intensifies the magnetic enchantment
  • Assures that the fibers will live in an area under all conditions
  • Soften & circumstance each hair and Fibers optimally for a totally natural appearance
  • The fixative spray may be washed out with shampoo.
  • Easy to clean and could not leave your hair feeling sticky or oily
  • Increases bond among hair building fibers and hair
  • Get the greatest results with thickness and fullness.
  • It makes your hair fibers ultimate longer (making you save cash).
  • For each woman and men
  • 1 keep spray final about 2 months (relying on use)
  • To use the hair fibers even more without problems and as it should be, you could use the hairline optimizer and the hair fiber applicator.

Beaver Fiber Hold Spray Ingredients

Alcohol, amp-acrylates copolymer, butylene glycol, propylene glycol dibenzoate, parfum, panthenol, benzophenone-three, cetrimonium chloride


After applying the keratin hair constructing fibers, the fiber preserve spray may be carried out. maintain the spray 25-30 cm (10-12 inches) from your hair and use quick sprays till the preferred fixation is finished. In case you need to make your hair appearance softer, you could brush your hair. The spray holds the hair fibers in the region.

After applying Beaver keratin hair constructing fibers, preserve box 10-12 inches from hair and use brief clean sprays. Can be reapplied as wanted. The spray can, if desired or essential, be re-carried out at some stage in the day. with average use, you can use a bottle for approximately two months.


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