Ky Jelly Personal Lubricant 50 ml Benefits

Ky Jelly Personal Lubricant 50 ml In Pakistan – Ky jelly lubricant is water-based totally, so it’s clean to smooth and won’t stain. It’s also fragrance-free and lightly enough in your pores and skin to apply every day. Lubricants are a need for people who suffer from vaginal dryness and need to make their intercourse life extra comfy or for people who revel in anal intercourse. They make your sex lifestyles simpler and greater at ease and also can assist to improve your sensitivity and decorate your pleasure.Lubricant to complement private moisture for progressed comfort during sex. Smooth to address because it’s a jelly.Non-public lubricant, easy to deal with (it is a jelly). Easy to rinse off (it is water primarily based). Non-staining, perfume unfastened.

Ky Jelly Personal Lubricant 50 ml Uses

Gentle sufficient for normal use and secure to use with latex condoms.Lubricant to supplement private moisture for advanced comfort for the duration of intercourse. Easy to address as it’s a jelly. Water-based totally and easy to rinse off, non-staining and fragrance free. Appropriate for ordinary use. secure to use with latex condoms. Ky jelly lubricant is right for folks who want to use lube to decorate sensation felt for the duration of their maximum intimate moments and for folks that want to make sex cozier than ever. Ky jelly lubricant is water-primarily based completely, so it’s clean to clean and won’t stain.
Water-based and smooth to rinse off, non-staining and fragrance unfastened. Suitable for ordinary use.  Some lubricants are designed to experience your own natural moisture, supporting you to feel natural while nevertheless enhancing your sex lifestyles.If irritation occurs  discontinue use and consult a health practitioner. This product isn’t a contraceptive and does no longer incorporate spermicide. Keep away from eye contact. Save at room temperature.


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