Kojic Acid Cream Uses

Kojic Acid Cream In Pakistan – Take small quantity of gel and rub on face in circular motion until it disappears and dry completely. arbutin is considered the most secure and best skin whitening compound which shows highly rapid and secure pores and skin whitening houses. Three. mulberry extract is very effective for pores and skin whitening and it has anti inflammatory properties which promotes skin recovery.Four. octinoxate is a sunscreen agent to prevent similarly pores and skin darkening from uvb mild. Five. vitamin e is a effective antioxidant which protects skin from uv damage. Additionally improves pores and skin texture and aids in moisturization.Use this gel on every occasion you wash your face to be aware seen outcomes.Kojic gel is the most secure manner to lighten the pores and skin tone. It includes kojic acid dipalmitate, arbutin, mulberry extract , vitamin e with in constructed sunscreen.

Kojic Acid Cream New Product

These types of elements act collectively to dam melanin pigments and assist in pores and skin lightening results. while most skin lightening merchandise contain kojic acid, kojivit consists of kojic acid dipalmitate, that is a whole lot greater effective than easy kojic acid, so it gives very rapid and effective result ,that’s visible from first use handiest.Use below clinical supervision kojivit plus is a cream synthetic by using micro labs. It’s far typically used for the prognosis or treatment of lightens pores and skin, premature ageing, pores and skin ailment, post-inflammatory pigmentation of skin. It has a few facet effects which include localized reactions, pores and skin peeling, erythema, dermatitis. The salts kojic dipalmitate (2%), arbutin (1.five%), morus alba extract (1.5%), octinoxate (7.five%) are concerned within the instruction of kojivit plus.




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