Keune Keratin Cream 100 ml in Pakistan

Keune Keratin Cream 100 ml in Pakistan – The neutralization cream re-balances the hair to make sure bonds are closed. It’s designed for those with curly or frizzy hair trying lengthy-lasting, polished, immediately hair that’s easy to control. Converting hair styles from curls and waves to smooth and directly hair calls for an effective hair remedy like keratin, protein or rebonding. With keune keratin straightening rebonding device growing long lasting and vibrant immediately hair isn’t a hassle anymore. The robust components is evolved to reform thick, curly and high-renovation hair. It functions safe rebonding era that makes the hair undergo whole transformation. Their texture changes to clean and directly, at the same time as their surface seems brilliant.

Keune Keratin Cream 100 ml Uses

The results final for up to five months. The package includes a neutralizer too to help put together the hair for the change in form and texture. Keune keratin straightening rebonding gadget is a super-effective treatment that transforms your hair into polished, glossy tresses that you can experience for months to return. The keratin straightening rebonding generation reshapes the hair effectively and safely. Straightening cream with kera-waft complex guarantees safe rebonding and most desirable conditioning for the duration of the treatment. The deeply conditioning formulas moisture the hair while making it workable and vibrant.First-rate promoting original keune tinta cream developer forty volume1000 ml splendid conditioning silky tender shine sturdiness because of uv protector no staining at the scalp.Tinta cream developer contains the protector it protects the hair shape and will increase the colour balance includes hydrogen peroxide. Keep away from contact with eyes. Rinse eyes straight away if the product comes into contact with eyes.Keune tinta cream developer is the developer for keune tinta coloration. It has extra balance, so the hydrogen peroxide percentage will remain the same, even at high temperatures.




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