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keune Developer 1000 ml In Pakistan – Keune Tinta Cream Developer is the developer for Keune Tinta Color. It has extra stability, so the hydrogen peroxide percentage will remain the same, even at high temperatures. the keratin straightening rebonding approach is easily mastered. The simple 2-step remedy takes best 1.five hours to finish and ensures as much as five months of fear-loose directly hair. Step 1 – safely lessen the rebonding elements within the straightening cream formula carefully cleave the hair bonds while keratin, the hair’s most crucial protein, enters the strands and maintenance damaged regions.Gain eff ortless instantly hair, it’s as easy as 1+2. keune keratin straightening rebonding machine is best for those with curly or frizzy hair looking lengthy-lasting, doable immediately locks. This excellent-effective remedy transforms hair into smooth, polished tresses that can be enjoyed for months to come usage:

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There are 2 formulas to pick out from primarily based on hair kind. Everyday for immune to natural hair. And robust for terribly proof against resistant hair. Right here’s how to finish the first step of the treatment: • observe straightening cream at the sections • the processing time is a maximum of 25 minutes, including utility • rinse very well with heat water and blow-dry the hairTinta Cream Developer contains the Protector LP 300. LP 300 protects the hair structure and increases the color stability. Tinta Color only gives an optimal result in combination with Tinta Color Developer.Only Tinta Color mixed with Tinta Cream Developer will give the optimum result. Only Tinta Cream Developer contains the color stabilizer LP 300. LP 300 protects the structure of the hair and guarantees optimum color stability, especially for red shades




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