Uses Of Flamazine Cream

Flamazine is used to save you infection in excessive burns. Other forms of wounds, consisting of strain sores and leg ulcers, may additionally benefit from the software of flamazine cream.

  • Wash your fingers.
  • Do away with the previous dressing/bandages.
  • Mix 5 ml (teaspoon) of the antiseptic soap supplied spoonful into 200 ml (about ½ a pint) of tap water. You could soak the affected vicinity if possible.
  • Easy with the gauze provided using a wiping motion to make sure the old cream is eliminated.
  • Dry lightly with a easy towel.
  • Reapply cream generously (3-5 mm thick) and cover.
  • Renew each 24 hours until told in any other case.

Flamazine Cream Benefits

Flamazine Cream In Pakistan – Flamazine is an antibacterial cream this is in particular used to prevent and deal with infections of burn wounds. It is sometimes used in the brief-time period management of inflamed leg ulcers and pressure sores. Flamazine™ is used to prevent contamination in severe burns and is probably used to help putting off burnt lifeless tissue. It is soothing when implemented and has tested hobby towards a vast range of organisms inclusive of each gram-tremendous and gram-negative micro organism and a few viruses and fungi.It is also used to help save you infections in skin grafts, skin with enormous abrasions and finger tip injures.Flamazine is a topical antibacterial cream with an energetic element which belongs to the group of antibiotic drug treatments known as sulfonamides. FLAMAZINE to premature infants or newborn infants in the first months of life. Sulfonamides may cause a life-threatening condition known as “kernicterus” (jaundice of the brain) in babies during the first months of life by interfering with normal metabolism. FLAMAZINE should be used with caution in patients with poor liver or kidney function. Reaction to the cream can sometimes cause worsening in these areas but the incidence is lower than with other sulfonamides.


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