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Demelan Lite Cream In Pakistan – It facilitates deal with facial marks due to zits/zits.I t is beneficial in treating eczema. It facilitates reduce the appearance of mild or darkish brown patches, spots or marks that can be formed on the face as a result of hormonal treatment. It also helps in the lightening of pregnancy marks after childbirth. It is also very effective in lightening skin pigmentation for its unique elements. All pakistani ladies who have skin problems can use it to do away with pigmentation and freckles.Demelan cream is an effective pigment-decreasing remedy that has the medical advantages of 3 active ingredients like alpha-arbutin, kojic acid and glycolic acid. Demelan lite lotion is a skin lightening lotion which treats hyperpigmentation, dark spots, uneven skin tone and protects your skin from harmful UV rays. This lotion contains Pterocarpus marsupium bark extract (pTerowhite) and Oleanoyl pentapeptide (olepent) as key ingredients.

Benefits Of Demelan Lite Cream

Olepent is a unique patented pentapeptide complexed with oleanolic acid. It plays a major role in regeneration of collagen to reduce wrinkles and aid in plumping up the skin cells. The combination of pentapeptide with oleanolic acid acts synergistically in reducing the appearance of fine expression lines and wrinkles. Pterocarpus marsupium bark extract (pTerowhite) is a natural ingredient that eliminates localized hyper-pigmentation and brightens your skin. It inhibits melanin synthesis and tyrosinase production, which inhibits melanin production, which promotes a more even skin tone and reduces hyper-pigmentation.Alpha-arbutin and kojic acid assist reduce hyperpigmentation, at the same time as glycolic acid renews cells.Demelan cream having glycolic acid/arbutin/kojic acid dipalmitate is nicely proper for the treatment of put up-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation, hyper-melanotic situations and melasma.Ordinary use of this cream lightens pigmentation. It allows the pores and skin appearance wholesome and radiant.Demelan cream is indicated for treating darkish discolouration because of the solar.




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