Atenolol Tablets 100% Original Product In Pakistan

Atenolol Tablets Price In Pakistan is used with or without different medications to deal with high blood pressure (hypertension). reducing excessive blood strain facilitates the prevention of strokes, heart attacks, and kidney issues. this medicine is also used to deal with chest pain (angina) and to improve survival after a heart attack. atenolol belongs to a category of medicine called beta-blockers. it works by blocking off the movement of positive natural chemical compounds in your body, including epinephrine, at the coronary heart and blood vessels. this impact lowers the coronary heart price, blood pressure, and pressure on the heart.

Atenolol is available as the brand-name drug Tenormin. It’s additionally available as an everyday drug. Typical drugs commonly cost much less than the brand-call version. In a few cases, they may no longer be to be had in every electricity or shape as the brand-name drug. If this product is used for chest ache, it needs to be taken often to be powerful. It needs to not be used to deal with chest pain when it happens. Use different medications (consisting of nitroglycerin located below the tongue) to alleviate chest pain as directed by means of your health practitioner.

A Way to Use Atenolol Tablets

See also the Warning section. Take this medication through the mouth with or without meals as directed with the aid of your medical doctor, normally 1 to two times every day. Apple juice and orange juice may also save your body from completely absorbing atenolol. It’s far high-quality to keep away from consuming apple/orange juice within four hours of taking atenolol unless your medical doctor or pharmacist tells you otherwise.

The dosage is primarily based on your scientific condition and response to remedy. Use this medication often so that you can get the most gain from it. that will help you remember, to take it at the equal time(s) every day. preserve taking this medication even in case you experience it well. The general public with excessive blood strain no longer feel unwell.

It can take 1 to 2 weeks before you get the total advantage of this remedy. Inform your doctor if your circumstance does no longer improve or if it worsens (for instance, if your blood strain readings remain high or grow, in case your chest pain occurs extra regularly). Atenolol is a prescription drug. It comes as a pill you are taking by way of mouth.

Atenolol Tablets Uses:

  • Decrease hypertension (excessive blood strain)
  • Reduce angina (chest ache)
  • After a heart attack, reduce the quantity of labor your coronary heart muscle has to do to push blood through your frame


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